A youth can't play on a team,  

if he/she doesn't 

have a coach!™


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A child can't play on a team unless there's a coach!  Many of us were the beneficiaries of men and women whom volunteered their time to help provide positive team sports experiences that helped shape our productive lives.  These men and women made a difference in our lives and many others.  Unfortunately, that same spirit of giving back isn't as prominent as in years past.  However, we know that seeds were planted and in many cases people simply need a slight nudge and the knowledge of how to get involved.  There are thousands of children who need coaches and want to play on a team.  Playing on a team is a valuable experience and children shouldn't be denied that opportunity.  Let's help make dreams reality.  

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National Give Back for Kids Campaign

 The National Give Back for Kids Campaign, Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit organization founded in 2009. Since our creation we have devoted our energy towards passionately creating  innovative and transformative projects designed to revive within our neighborhoods that sense of community that has been dormant for decades.   Please visit our website at:


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Our network connects us to various sports leagues around the country and different parts of the globe.  Please take the time to share with us your information to connect you to a sports league.  Thanks for stopping by! 


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Beautiful!  The National Give Back for Kids Campaign, Inc would like to thank you for taking the first step toward helping to support our youth.  We will reach back to you with a survey, so we can best assist your desire to give back! 

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